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This is a TI calculator clone of Flappy Bird, made for the Flappy Jam using the Axe Parser. Tested on TI-84+.

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Published3 years ago
Tagscalculator, ti

Install instructions

Installing this program on your calculator requires TI Connect. It can also be played with Wabbitemu. This program required 16384 bytes of free Archive space and 2 bytes of free RAM space.

If you want it on your calculator:

  1. Install TI Connect.
  2. Download the game file.
  3. Plug in your calculator. If you're on Windows 7, wait for it to tell you that the drivers are installed.
  4. Double click the downloaded file.
  5. Click "transfer".
  6. When the window closes, the transfer will be done.

If you want to play it with Wabbitemu:

  1. Download Wabbitemu and open it.
  2. You want it in TI-84+ mode. Tell it to download the ROM from TI's site.
  3. Download the game file.
  4. Press F10 in Wabbitemu.
  5. Locate the game file and open it.

Running it is done as follows:

  1. Press APPS.
  2. Select "CalcBird" from the list.


CalcBird.8xk (131 kB)